A letter to all of my past and future brides--

A letter to all of my past and future brides--

With love~

~Your Wedding Photographer

Yay! You picked me! After untold hours of searching, emailing, and interviewing photographers, you have chosen me. And I am unbelievably honored! Trusting someone to document the biggest day of your life is a huge decision. And I swear to you, I do not take the responsibility lightly.

I know that you will have some of these photos hanging in your house for decades, and that guest after guest will comment on how happy and beautiful you looked! I know that each year, on your anniversary, you will pull out the album and re-remember each of the day's special moments. I know that, in fifty years, your granddaughter may very well come across one of these pictures, that she is going to find these pictures in a box in her mom's closet, and she is going to discover from whom she got her good looks. I know your wedding photos are so special, and it is very important to me that you love them. Not only tomorrow, but 100 years from tomorrow, I want you to love them.

I promise that on your wedding day, I will put my whole heart into my job and give you my very best efforts. I do so solemnly swear.

However, being an artist, my job can be extremely difficult. Throughout the day, I will receive instructions from a multitude of people (and frequently!) and they are not the same instructions. And even though you have given me a printed itinerary of the day's events, inevitably things do not happen as planned. Things will go wrong, and, in Oklahoma, it's usually the weather. I have to quickly adapt and adjust and re-think my strategy, my plan of attack. I have to process a lot of information and make multiple decisions at once. I have to decide on what lens to use, what camera settings to use, flash or no flash, what angle, what backdrop, et cetera, and, frequently, I have to make those decisions in a split second-- or I risk missing your once-in-a-lifetime moment! I am on my feet not only standing, not only running, but stretching and squatting and sometimes hurdling over obstacles for over eight hours at a time. I carry my equipment with me everywhere I go because I switch gear constantly, and that stuff-- it is not light! After the day is over, I will go home and spend at least 40 hours editing your images to ensure that they are as beautiful as possible.

That's a work week. And I'm glad to do it.

Even though I will give you my best efforts and I will make the decisions that I feel are correct, unfortunately, the likelihood is that a small percentage of you will not be satisfied with the final product. This breaks my heart. I wish that every single shot I take would be your favorite shot of the night, and I wish I could promise you that I can replicate your Pinterest wish-list exactly. But I can't. And that makes me sad. What I can promise you is that each shot will be taken with care. And that each shot will be taken with passion. And that each shot will be taken with love.



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